Anonymous: "bayern just confirmed at their benatia presser that xabi comes for the medical check to munich today. it's on."

Thanks for the info!
I hate it… it just sucks when a player you love goes to a team you absolutely dislike.

And look at their midfield, where is he even supposed to play?

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Please someone tell me that Xabi Alonso is not going to Bayern!!!
He can’t leave Real Madrid and he is FAR too classy for Bayern…
Any club but not Bayern

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Thanks for everything you have done for the Spanish National Team!

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i hate how people are saying brazil is a shit team i mean netherlands beat spain in group stage and i never once thought spain was a shit team bc they aren’t. oh my god like brazil wouldn’t have gotten all the way through to semi-finals if they were a shit team like smh stop hating and stfu

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omgkiesy: "Hello dear plz follow em ilove iker plzz"

I can’t follow anyone with this blog, sorry ;)

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Spain nt squad arrived in Madrid 24/06/14

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Maybe it’s stupid but I’m sad because probably I’ll never see them all play together again. Some of them won’t be in the next world cup and I really can’t even think about it. How can I only imagine not seeing David running and exulting for his beautiful goals? Can you imagine a Spain nt without Xabi Alonso? And Iniesta? And what about el nino, people keep saying he’s too old and maybe he’s not speed as it was, but, God, when he plays he’s still magic! And the most generous, beautiful and genuine human being and the best goalkeeper, Iker! I’m so sorry for all the shit they’re throwing you. Always remember you are the best and we love you! And Sergio with his beautiful soul and his dedication to the team…

I really can’t figure out a Spain nt without them! THEY ARE the Spain National Team and they’ll always have a special place in my heart! <3

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saraikerymartin: "I've heard on another blog his shoe size is 43 :)"

thanks for the info!

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2006 - 2014 Spain nt

Anonymous: "Wich shoe size has Iker?:)"

I have no idea, sorry!

Someone else?

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graphic by vanibarbiewoo
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Anonymous: "Will casillas ever play again? People are saying that this might be his last game. Please elaborate"

I think most people talk about Iker not playing for Spain again (like they do that for many others players in the NT), but so far there has been no official announcement. Maybe he will retire from the nt, maybe not, maybe the coach will focus on younger players now, maybe some of them will play another game to say “goodbye” or something like that. No one knows yet…  Guess they also need time to make a decision but sure we will get some infos soon.

And he still has a contract with RMD, and he said he could play until he is 40 not long time ago… so we will see him again.

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